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Are Mini Portable Solar Panels Waterproof?

Mini portable solar panels are great for powering small electronics and devices like laptops and phones when you have no electricity. But what happens when it is raining, and you do not want your solar panels to get damaged by water? Are mini portable solar panels waterproof?

Mini portable solar panels are waterproof, as are other types of solar panels. Solar panels have to be waterproof since they are always outside in the rain or even worse weather. You can move your solar panels out of water since they are portable, but you don’t have to since they are waterproof.

This article explains how solar panels are waterproof and the benefits of having a waterproof mini portable solar panel. Then, I have a list of great waterproof mini portable solar panels you can count on when the power goes out.

Understanding the Waterproofing of Solar Panels

All solar panels are waterproof, including mini portable solar panels. Solar panels must be waterproof since they are outside most, if not all, of the time.

Unless you live where there is constant sun, which is great for solar panels, you need something to withstand other types of weather.

When there is rain, snow, or other cold weather that leaves moisture or frost, you do not want to have to bring your solar panel inside.

Solar panels must be waterproof since they spend decades outside in all weather. They have a layer of Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) or glass to protect them on the front and the back.

These layers are put on solar panels, a metal frame, and a sealing glue to keep water out. The water could damage the battery, wires, and cells inside.

These layers of protection are not only good for keeping rain from damaging your solar panels but also for any other type of harsh weather.

Even though solar panels, mini portable ones included, are meant to be used in the sun, you can use them in all weather conditions like snow, wind, and extreme cold.

You will not get as good of a charge in rain or cloudy weather as you will in the sun, but any light coming from the sky will help charge your solar panels a little, so you may want to keep them out in the rain sometimes.

So, while you want to try your best to keep your mini portable solar panels out of the rain and other severe weather, you also do not have to worry about them getting wet or damaged.

Benefits of Mini Portable Solar Panels

It is good that mini portable solar panels are waterproof for a few reasons. Unlike solar panels on homes or other places where you do not move them, you can easily move mini portable solar panels from outside.

You do not have to worry about these solar panels in bad weather. You will not want to leave them out in the rain anyway since they will not charge as well when it’s raining.

But, if you need to charge your devices and the weather is persistently bad, the solar panels are still waterproof if you ever need to leave them in the rain to recharge in whatever way they can.

Sometimes you may have a rainy day that is light enough to get some charge, or it is raining on and off, so you want to leave it in the rain.

You can get a charge without worrying about your solar panel breaking or not working since they are waterproof. These mini portable solar panels will also withstand weather like snow and cold conditions.

Another benefit of mini portable solar panels is that they do not need to be left outside in the elements as long as the larger solar panels.

So, they tend to last even longer than other solar panels since they are not worn down by the outside elements, despite being waterproof. You can expect them to last for at least a few decades, likely longer.

Mini solar panels also have a warranty if anything goes wrong with them, including water damage. Your solar panel’s equipment and materials warranty ensures that it is covered if anything happens to your portable solar panel. You will get a replacement, along with shipping and installation.

These warranties do not last forever; they’re usually around a decade. But the warranties do cover any water damage, especially since the solar panels are supposed to be waterproof.

The Best Waterproof Mini Portable Solar Panels

Mini portable solar panels are great to take with you anywhere you need electricity or might not otherwise have any. Here are some great options for waterproof mini portable solar panels from Amazon.

  • BigBlue 28W SunPower Solar Panel: This mini solar panel is perfect for charging your phone or tablet, rain or shine, as it is IPX4 waterproof. You can fold it up for maximum portability, and it has high solar conversion efficiency, so you can even get it to charge on cloudy but somewhat bright rainy days.
  • EcoFlow 110W Portable Solar Panel: This portable solar panel has an IP68 waterproof rating, and it is dustproof, so you can take it anywhere you go, and it is durable enough to work. It has a carrying case that doubles as a stand for the solar panel, so it is easy to get sunlight to power the panel when you have it.
  • DOKIO Portable Solar Panel Kit: You can leave this solar panel kit outside for quite a while in the rain before any major damage would hurt it. It is very thin at only one inch thick, and it is only six pounds heavy when it is in the carrying case, so you will be able to take it anywhere, no matter the weather.

Final Thoughts

Mini portable solar panels are waterproof like any other type of solar panel. You can leave them out in the rain, snow, or other wet conditions, and you will not have to worry about them getting damaged.

But, since the solar panels are portable and small, you can extend their already long life spans by moving them out of the rain and water when they do not have to be there.


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