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Solar Power Bank Not Charging Your Phone? 4 Fixes

A great device to have on hand when out and about is a solar power bank. It provides electricity to power your devices without connection to the power grid. But what happens when your phone isn’t charging when connected to your solar power bank?

Your solar power bank may not be charging your phone due to improper use, insufficient sunlight, broken cable, or even a damaged/old battery. You can remedy the situation by replacing your cable, fastening connections, recharging solar panels, or adding extra panels.

This article will cover possible reasons your solar power bank has stopped charging your phone, and I’ll give you a few easy fixes to remedy the situation. I’ll also cover a few preventative measures you might want to take.

Why Your Power Bank Is Not Charging Your Phone

Before you find a solution to the problem of your solar power bank not charging your phone, it’s best to pinpoint the specific reason you are having issues. Among the various reasons your solar power bank may not be working properly, these are the most common:

Improper Use

Properly using your solar power bank is crucial for it to function. Most manufacturers do not recommend using the phone while connected to the power bank because this can damage the battery or reduce its lifespan due to overheating.

Additionally, do not drain the battery entirely to avoid damaging it.

Insufficient Sunlight

Sunlight is the energy source that your power bank depends on to charge its internal battery. If it doesn’t get enough sunlight, a solar power bank would be drained of power. A drained solar power bank will not work as it wouldn’t have enough electrical energy stored to charge your phone.

Broken Cable

You may find that your solar power bank is undamaged and functioning properly, but the cable between the power bank and your phone is broken. As with any charger type, the cable is usually the first to be damaged, so you’ve probably instinctively checked it already. If you haven’t, check the cable to see if it’s functional.

Damaged or Old Battery

Several methods have been known to damage solar batteries, including excessive battery drainage (mentioned above). However, you should know that every battery (solar or not) has a fixed lifespan. After running through too many cycles, it will simply stop working.

So, if the battery in your portable solar power bank is very old and used frequently, it may not charge your phone.

4 Easy Fixes for Solar Power Banks Not Charging

Here are three easy ways to fix the problem of a solar power bank that isn’t charging your phone.

1. Replace Cable

As mentioned earlier, it is very likely that the cable you are using is broken, so check for that before anything else. You can check if the cable is damaged by using it with another type of charger and observing if it functions normally. If you find that the cable is damaged, replacing the cable is a quick fix that should bring things back to speed in an instant.

2. Ensure All Connections Are Properly Fastened

A loose connection weakens the entire setup even if all your cables and equipment are in working condition. As with any regular charger, if you find your portable solar power bank isn’t charging your phone, check for any loose connections in the system.

To be clear, you should not only be checking the connection between the phone and the solar power bank—but you should also check other connections. This includes connections between solar panels and circuit boards or between different panels.

3. Recharge the Solar Panel Fully

At times all you really need to do is charge your portable solar power bank until full. You can do this either by plugging the power bank into an electrical outlet or leaving it under lots of sunlight where it can get charged fully. If you choose the latter, make sure you place the solar charger somewhere that gets sufficient direct sunlight.

4. Add Solar Panels

Lastly, you may find that your existing solar panels are damaged or weak. Adding solar panels to your portable solar power bank should remedy the problem of your phone not charging. However, it is worth noting that this is not an easy procedure and differs according to models.

How To Prevent Solar Power Banks From Not Charging

Prevention is always a better option than trying to find the fault in your system and fixing it. As such, proper use of your portable solar power bank is a must. Always ensure that the power bank’s battery does not fall below 30% because this potentially damages the battery and reduces its lifespan.

Additionally, do not use your phone while the power bank is connected to it, and do charge using your solar power bank while its solar panels are charging. This ensures that each circuit is completed separately without interfering with the next part of the system.

Not only that but it is highly recommended that you do not use your phone while it is connected to the charger. Most charging cables are damaged because of movement during charging, and this practice also contributes to damaging your solar power bank.

Finally, the proper placement of solar panels greatly influences their functioning. Most people carry their portable solar charger in a bag or their pockets, which doesn’t give the panels much access to sunlight. Try to place the portable solar power bank flat in an area that receives direct sunlight during peak hours (around noon) at least once a day.

Final Thoughts

A portable solar power bank is a handy device to carry when out and about, but improper use and damaged parts can cause the power bank to malfunction. Replace broken cables or solar panels, and charge your power bank fully if you find that your solar power bank is not charging your phone.

To ensure that your solar power bank is always charging your phone, take care of your power bank, and don’t use your phone when you’re charging it.


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